David Ryrie

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“A photograph is a document and, like any other, it can be objective, subjective, flawed, loved hated….a translation of sorts by the photographer, open to interpretation by the viewer, evidence of a moment in time, real or imagined.”

Making photographs has always been about having something worthwhile to say. It was indeed the photographers who said most about there own lives, and in fact photographed them, that have had the most profound influence on me. All my experiences, obsessions, perception of self, mental state, loves, hates and passions have merged into one.

All the parts work together at this point, and for all the damage some of these segments have done to me in the past, they allow me to make photographs that represent something important to me.

David first used a camera with some intention at the age of 14. “I have always taken photographs for myself. Sharing them has been a challenge. I felt that something was missing and that something was the stories that goes with them.

Solo Exhibitions

2015 – This ain’t Kansas Dorothy, Gallery Ecosse NSW Download Catalogue

2013 – Three steps north of south, Gallery Ecosse NSW

Group Exhibitions

2014 – Burrawang DNA Festival

2013 – Autoportrait, Gallery Ecosse NSW


The Australia Club, Sydney

Private colections